May 24, 2012

I Knew This Was Award Worthy!

This week my dynamo web designer Sarah Lynn from Sarah Lynn Design won a GDUSA award for the one of the best 2012 American Web Designs for MY WEBSITE!!!

I think Sarah would agree that this site was a labor of love and a wonderful collaboration of creative people. We wanted it to be unique, pretty, welcoming, easy and with lots of space to grow as FHD grows. I think these goals were more than met and I could not be more proud of my site and its super creator!

A BIG shout out also needs to go to Johanna Skier who, besides being a good friend and shoulder throughout the process, designed my excellent logo. Tee shirts are in the works!

Thank you and Congratulations!!




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  1. Sarah

    How sweet!! Thank you Florie for letting me be a part of your business. Would have never turned out as good without your input and guidance.

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