December 28, 2011

GG’s Rocking Birthday Party!

This December I threw an awesome 13th Birthday party for a truly lovely, savvy and gorgeous kid, GG! Her parents had a clear vision for the party- they wanted it to be a rocking dance party, with tons of desserts and swag. They wanted something different and unique yet with all the trimmings of a 13th birthday. And they had a few complicated requirements to keep me on my toes! My favorite kind of project!

We hit it off right away! We have the same fundamental opinion about what makes a party truly ROCK! Your guest should walk away having danced too much, eaten too much and drank (a little) too much. This was accomplished, completely, and the whole clan and all their friends had the most rocking awesome party of all of GG’s 13 years!

Number 1 Dancing too Much: I needed to book the perfect DJ! ! I wanted to find a company who got my vision; I wanted someone laid back and stylish yet with a perfection focused vibe. Easier said than done! When I started talking to David Waterman from Total Entertainment I knew I’d found my guy! This company is professional, without pretense and completely ROCKING! Check!

Their team came in with all the right attitude and style. They were completely focused on their jobs and getting everything set up perfectly, they were early and everyone was positive and thrilled to be at GG’s party! These guys brought all the energy possible, were able to read the crowd perfectly and had the party up and dancing all night long. Excellent!!

Number 2 Eating too Much: I went straight to Mitchel London Foods for the catering. Famous for super yummy comfort food and off the charts desserts all with great style and presentation, Carmela London was on top of every detail. Together we designed an epic culinary event with four different phases!

First a movie theater themed cocktail hour to accompany the awesome movie/montage with all kinds of candy, warm pretzel bites, popcorn and other yummy pickables- so unexpected! Next the guests were invited upstairs for the next phase- hors d’oeuvres; an absolute cornucopia of different little bites, from unique inventions like their original kataifi wrapped curried chicken parcels to fun spins classics like mini three cheese “mac ‘n’ cheese” ramekins. Then came dinner- two separate food stations, one with gorgeous adult focused gourmet fare and one with everything a 13 year old kid would want to eat! Last but not least came dessert, with four parts of its own- a candy bar, a 4 tier cupcake tower, a chocolate fountain with everything from mini cream cheese bites to classic pretzel rods and a full array of passed hors d’oeuvres style mini sweets. All amazing and everyone walked away stuffed and happy.

Number 3 Drinking (a little) too Much: Easily done with a top shelf bar! I would never advise anyone to cut costs at the bar. Top shelf liquor is easy but what makes or breaks a great bar is the mixers and the bartenders. This party had it all for the adults- freshly squeezed juices and top notch bartenders hustling the night away.

To keep the kids hydrated and happy we had an entire bar just off the dance floor dedicated to kid-frienly drinks- all types of sodas with straws to keep stopping for a beverage fast and easy- these kids didn’t want to waste any time with a dopey glass. But that was not all! Carmela London invented a purple grape flavored smoking mocktail that totally knocked their socks off!

This party was everything GG and her parents wanted and I can say I had the best time watching them enjoy the party I worked so hard to plan- a perfect night was had by all!!

Thank you to Kari Otero,, for the AWESOME photographs!

Rock On!!





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  1. Volker Retzlaff

    …if i would became 13 – i knew who would throw MY party.


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