November 7, 2011

Florie Featured in Nutella Spot

This entry isn’t exactly about inspiration as much as it is fodder for my ego and the story of an experience that was a whole lot of fun!

When my very good friend, who works for the Sundance Channel, asked me to star in a branded vignette to run with Full Frontal Fashion, I thought what fun! Sure! She also wanted my then 6-year-old, Nathan, to star with me, and I knew he would be thrilled to be on TV. Past that, I didn’t think that much of it.

Then the day came and a complete crew arrived; a director, a lighting guy, make up artist, camera guy and a gaffer (I haven’t a clue what a gaffer is, or even if there really was one, but throwing one in here will help illustrate what a full-on crew I am talking about!) I don’t know why I assumed it would be me, Nathan, and a guy with a flip camera but I did, so imagine my surprise when no less than 10 people arrived on my doorstep. And I admit I have never been happier to see a makeup artist in all my life.

Nathan and I had the best day. We laughed and filmed this little commercial like we were professional actors. Best of all, on the eve of my 35th birthday, which I was a little upset about, I got to have recorded proof of the best I’ve ever looked in my whole life!

And now, a year later, people still call me all the time to say they saw Nathan and me on TV. It runs at odd hours including 3am on a drag queen reality show, which is particularly strange considering it’s a spot with a mom, a kid and a jar of Nutella, but it lives on, and I will always treasure this experience.


Happy Watching!



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