November 15, 2011

My Trip to Martha’s Mothership

When my older sister told me that she had been invited on a private tour of Martha Stewart’s offices, I let her know she there was no way she was going without me! I have many years experience as a little sister and have well honed tag-a-long skills!

I have to admit, love her or hate her, Martha is a crafting-designing-painting-inventing-cooking- planting…..GENIUS! And her offices are mecca to a creative person driven by inspiration.

An entire floor in the famous Starrett-Lehigh Building on West 26th Street in Manhattan, Martha’s offices are sparsely decorated with huge windows, which bring light flooding inside. The editors’ private offices are in the center of the space with floor to ceiling windows overseeing the sea of cubicles. I immediately I thought the editors offices were a little like the magazine editors version of displays in the Natural History Museum. Each window was an utter cornucopia of complete design brilliance and awe-inspiring creativity.

I wasn’t really invited to take photographs but I snuck out a few-

These are pictures of one editor’s library- wow.

Color Coated Organization

The most amazing part of Martha’s headquarters, besides her personal office, was the prop closet. Do you ever wonder where she keeps all the props she uses in ALL the photographs in ALL the issues- well a tiny portion are kept right here in her office. I nearly fainted.

Martha Stewart's Clocks

Martha's Chairs

Candle Holders

cake pedestals

This entry could go on for days but I will simply say once again- love her or hate her Martha is amazing and her headquarters are a true example of her ability to collect beautiful things and brilliant people!

I loved every second of my visit! And I really hope I’m not kidnapped in my sleep for posting these pictures!

Happy Drooling!




  1. Sarah Lynn

    Wow!! It’s almost odd to see so many creative pieces organized so precisely. Thanks for sharing!

    • Florie Huppert

      My jaw nealry hit the floor! Thank you!!

  2. Susie Koltun

    OMG! That is sooooo awesome!!!! I’d be jealous if I wasn’t so excited for you! It is Mecca!

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