April 23, 2012

Helen Mills Event Space!

I am so excited to report that I had ANOTHER opportunity to work with the great Helen Mills Event Space and Theater on West 26th Street!

Helen Mills is a perfect space for a 125-175 person event and with the fully equipped theater on the lower level it is remarkably versatile!  And because it has a ground floor entry with huge poster windows above the entrance and four-foot poster showcases on the sidewalk level you can make a huge splash with your entrance.

Another great thing about this space and why I think we hit it off so well is their staff! Everyone is truly superb, happy to help and work very hard for every event. You can tell they love their space and they love throwing parties!

Here are photos from my most recent event in the space… for this job I was only responsible for making the entrance a BIG event! It was a hit and they had the best night!

Thank you Helen Mills!



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