January 3, 2012

Beautiful Candle Sticks at Wegmans!?

Over the years I have found amazing things at stores like HomeGoods, Walmart and the local 99 Cent store. I think treasures can be found around every corner and I’m always on the look out. I once created centerpieces for a wedding with 10-12 different multi-colored glass vessels each with flowers pouring out of them, all bought from dollar stores and Marshall’s home department. It was a fabulous room but sadly no decent picture survives. I learned a good lesson, I now never leave an event without taking my own pictures- but that is for another entry!

I am always looking for great stuff! This week I was shopping at Wegmans in Scranton PA for the 17 house guests arriving for NYE weekend when I passed their Christmas clearance department. From the corner of my eye I caught reproduction mercury glass candle sticks at 80% off! I bought them all, of course! And I just about did the happy dance in the aisle. The check out lady thought I was clearly crazy cackling as I paid.

And once I got back to the house and cooked and cooked this is what I did with those great looking candle sticks! The black candles really added to the look and pillar candles for the pedestals. Then I placed them on the mantle in front of a vintage cut glass mirror so the candle light would bounce all around the room. It looked great and created a warm happy room for my friends to enjoy champagne and ring in the new year!

We had a super NYE party in the glow of candle light!

Happy New Year!




  1. Timothy Cohen

    Brilliant! You have quite a talent.

  2. Rivki

    LOVE! So proud to be your friend:)

  3. Carol Sommers

    Clearly, a chip off the old block!

  4. Molly

    looks awesome Florie!!

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