September 27, 2012

Super 40th Birthday!

I love all parties but I really really love birthday parties!! Especially birthday parties for awesome hardcore gorgeous ladies like Aviva! When Aviva’s husband called me one month before his wife’s half planned 40th birthday party, they were unhappy, worried and way off track. I stepped in and quickly pushed the cosmic party reset button, sacked the caterer and devised a new design plan! Voila!

Aviva wanted a rocking party, that was adult yet youthful. Classy but not stuffy! And gorgeous but not over-the-top or showy. I always think black and white chevron stripes are both classy and strong, designed and feminine. Aviva told me she loved branches and glass balls, warm candle light and big signage. We punctuated the decor with a little pink to keep it just a bit girly!

The party was at the Helen Mills Theater which has a great facade for amazing signage! We took the opportunity to use the space to brand the party with the theme of the invitation, “Club 39 Again!” (And again and again!)

For the decor, I did all white furniture with spots of black and white chevron, the warm glow of ribbon wrapped pillar candles and a pink wash for the room’s walls. Here is how it turned out!

They wanted the food to be down-home, delicious and beautiful! I knew exactly where to go for classy fries and pretty salads,! They specialize in exactly that and are headed up by one of my most favorite ladies, Carmela London. The food was perfect!

The band was not booked through me but I can’t wait to bring this awesome band to my next party!  The Dexter Lake Club Band was so amazing that I had a hard time not jumping on the dance floor and joining the guests! They played perfect covers of 80’s hits that had everyone rocking all night long!

The bar stayed full, the dance floor was bumping and people’s plates were piled high with a yummy dinner! If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a hundred times, the sign of a great party is when people drink too much, dance too much and eat too much!

I truly fell in love with this couple and was thrilled to make their party dreams come true!

Thank you to Kathleen Miller for her amazing photography! A lady who can reach heights far above her head without the help of a ladder!

Happy Birthday Aviva!!



PS- One last thing, I really enjoy a client’s moment of arrival, when they see their dreams and my hard work come together. They have pre-party excitement and I have just a moment before I need to run to the fix the last few details! I try my best to always be outside to welcome and give them a tour of their event! So many ooohhhs and ahhhs!

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