September 20, 2013

Red Polka Dot Crazy!

I can’t event begin to tell you how crazy this event was, planned for a California based company called– it was supposed to be an introduction for them to the New York commercial real estate market. To say it was a splash is an understatement! By the time the event started there were more than 2000 rsvps and a line around the block. Not my normal bar mitzvah for sure!!

Florie Huppert Design

The venue for this fiesta was the amazing Old Bowery Station, a venue I know well and love but that can not fit nearly 2000 people!

For the decor- it was obvious right away- their logo is a big red dot and Old Bowery is a big white box- I immediately saw red dots everyplace- the windows, walls and ceiling!

Florie Huppert Design- Storefront2013-07-10 20.33.18Florie Huppert Design- StoreFrontFlorie Huppert Design- StoreFrontFlorie Huppert Design- StoreFrontFlorie Huppert Design- Storefront

I have to admit its no easy feat to throw a party with an ever expanding guest list and limited budget but we got it done with the help from some magic-makers! The ladies at Mimi & Coco made yummy teriyaki balls in the middle of the party, yum! I asked some awesome food truck guy to come feed the waiting crowds- thanks guys!

Florie Huppert Design- Storefront

But the best part was the slow-motion photo booth! The guests were invited to dance, play and goof off in the booth- people had the BEST time. And once the party ended, the real fun began- the Storefront Team got into the photo booth with flour, champagne, costumes and created a mess of epic proportions! Here is the outcome- wow!

Florie Huppert Design- Storefront Florie Huppert Design- Storefront
I have to thank the amazing people at Openhouse Gallery for allowing this party to happen and the lunatics at Storefront who trusted their epic event to me! I loved every moment, even the part where I was cleaning wet flour mud off the floors on my hands and knees- anything for the party!

Happy Mess!



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