June 16, 2014

Simple, Understated and Perfect Bar Mitzvah

Nearly every client tells me they want their child’s Mitzvah party to be a “kid party” and “not over-the-top” – “this is not a wedding!” Now, I’ve come to understand that this means- lets have fun and don’t spend a lot of money on decorations. But in nearly every case during the planning process a little of this is added or a bit of that. Except one!

This super cool, jean clad family stuck to their plan of simple and true to the occasion. I have to admit at times I needed to beg them for a little of this or that. 

In keeping with simple we chose Helen Mills, one of my favorite venues. It can be anything since it’s only a big white box with a supreme wood bar. But, there are a few distinctive characteristics about Helen Mills that makes it very special- the facade and the 6-foot pillars. Since it’s also a theater space they have the most fantastic opportunity to deck-out the from of the building!

Florie Huppert Design Florie Huppert Design Florie Huppert Design

For the inside we just used candles, sting lights, some furniture and accent pillows. Simple, cool and great!

Florie Huppert Design Florie Huppert Design Florie Huppert DesignFlorie Huppert Design

Add some great entertainment, a roller coaster and a photo booth and its party time for sure!

Florie Huppert Design Florie Huppert Design Florie Huppert Design

For catering I brought in one of my favorites, Mitchell London Foods, always super yummy and pretty. And we resurrected our signature drink- the smoking mock-tini! And s’more bar- YUM!

Florie Huppert Design

A fantastic time was had by everyone! And I can confidently say, we did not go “over-the-top!”

All the graphic design credit must go to my Bar Mitzvah boy’s awesomely talented dad! Thank you for being the coolest clients ever!

And thank you to Kari Otero for always getting the shot! And sharing!

Stay Cool!



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