March 18, 2012

Noa’s Bat Mitzvah, Part 1: Luncheon

Customarily after a Bar or Bat Mitzvah the family invites their guests and the synagogue congregation to a luncheon. For this part of the festivities Noa’s parents wanted a traditional kiddush luncheon. They wanted it to be beautiful and unique but not over the top. Subtle, designed and really pretty.

I went to work scouring the internet for inspiration. I need to be able to make the centerpieces in advance because of the Saturday night party’s decor installation. They needed to be colorful and sweet like the Noa herself. And they also needed to be economic, with two full parities in one day, understandably, cost was an issue.

Balloons! But not just any balloons- 3 foot balloons with an assortment of multi-colored streamers dangling from them, then anchored by clear fishing line into a glass bowls full of ring pops and lollipops! Pure love in a centerpiece!

On the bare purple table cloths I then sprinkled tissue paper hearts and logos from the invites- giving people a little nod to the invites and the Saturday night’s event (both will be featured in other entries.)

The inspiration for this design came from Pinterest where I found the amazing Geronimo Balloons out of LA. Amazing ballon art!

Making them was a production for sure but it was so much fun and in a small room with 18 3-foot balloons you can’t be anything but happy! Here are some production pictures.

Hee… that’s me sitting in the middle.

Happy Balloons!!




  1. Aviva

    Hiya. Love the ribbon look. Where’d you get the wavy streamers?

  2. Charisma Dowdy

    I love this ! This picture is inspiration for my party. May I ask are those 36 inch balloons? If they are I know it can cost with helium. Did you blow the balloons all the way to 36inch?

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