November 15, 2011

Florie’s Love of Pinterest

Pinterest Boards

I always find inspiration as I travel through my day, not just for parties but for everything! Sometimes I find fun things to do with my kids on a rainy day, or see an ingredient in the market that leads to a yummy dinner for my family. I find ideas in great store windows or collections of things on a vendor’s table. New York has so many creative people that wherever I look someone has invented something wonderful or done an old thing in a new way that gets my own creative juices flowing.

I have always wished I had a place to collect all these things and maybe even share them online. A virtual bulletin board of sorts!?

Then I was introduced to Pinterest, which is a creative person’s dream come true.

A little like Facebook for centerpieces and hand made sweaters, Pinterest is a cyber bulletin board for people to post crafty, clever things that inspire them. Like any other vast display of creativity, here are certainly many things I could live without. One woman’s “adorable” is another woman’s cutesy-poo, but there are enough “aha!” moments on Pinterest to make the search richly rewarding, and who am I to judge? I think there is such a thing as design karma and I don’t want to be on the wrong side of the ugly stick!

I use Pinterest to collect ideas for clients and for myself. I think it’s a wonderful resource to help people find a direction for their party so I suggest that you start by creating an account and collecting ideas and designs that you would like to see incorporated into your event!

Please feel free to peruse my boards!

Happy Pinning!



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