November 15, 2011

Great Graphic Design and Invitations

Publicide Letterpress & Printing

I love great graphic design! For me graphic design is far more than just fonts and placement on a page- it takes real brilliance and out-of-the-box thinking to be the best. I spent most of my formative years working for the best designers and illustrators in the world at Pentagram Design. Over three years I wore many hats but my favorite was as Paula Scher’s assistant (my friends in the accounting office will, of course, protest.) But, I’ll leave my time with Paula for another entry!

I believe graphic design is a door opener; it is the first thing you see or notice about a company, person or event! Even if graphic design isn’t important to you, you notice things when they are well designed. Think about all the invitations you have every received, do any stand out in your mind? Do you feel the paper before you open the envelope? Do you notice if the address is hand written or a label? Do you feel differently about events when it is clear that the invitation was thoughtfully designed or seems expensive? How about when they are custom printed, hand addressed or letter pressed? Think about holiday cards, wedding invitations and business cards.

When you send someone an invitation you are telling them about the event, and I’m not referring to the time or address, you are telling them about its importance and significance. You are inviting them to join you for an occasion that is very important to you. Many people think that invites and printing are places to save money; it is true it can be very expensive. But, it is not a place to cut- if anything it is a place to splurge. It is a place to define your event and give your guests a tiny taste of the event ahead of them. You’re telling them, this is something you can’t miss! And you’re giving them a little memento to keep after the event is over.

The following are some of my favorite places for superb design and printing.  Some are expensive but not all. I think if you invest your time and love you can make a well designed invitation on a cocktail napkin! It’s all about presentation!

Make your own: 

Have them designed and printed: (Ironically this is a very ugly website but don’t judge a book by its cover- they make great stuff!)

Unreal letterpress: (Sadly not the nicest site either!)

Happy Printing!!



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