February 13, 2012

Fifth Birthday Extravaganza!

I’ve written before about how my children think I started this company for the sole purpose of throwing them over the top birthday parties, and they aren’t completely off the mark. I think many people got their starts throwing parties for those they love the most and watched it grow into something bigger. I guess I’m an example of that spirit!

The following are pictures of my daughter’s fifth birthday at the amazing ParkHere urban park this winter at OpenHouse Gallery on Mulberry Street in NYC. There could not be a more gorgeous place to have a party- its part Midsummer’s Night Dream and part uber hip Nolita.

This party had everything! Dancers, hair feathers, food, cake, outrageous favors, 35 very happy kids and a few pompoms thrown in for good measure!

Beatrice has the best friends on earth and I love watching them celebrate each other! They all came in ready to party and love Bea! I hired a few of the great teachers from the famous Shrockra Studio to teach the kids some real moves. And I threw in some classic party swag just for fun!

Sometimes when you’re dancing and you just need a break, what do you do then?!? Get a feather in your hair!! But what color to choose?! These great ladies from Leila came in with a collection of feathers for all the girls- and more than a few moms too!

I believe that if you’re going to have a late Sunday afternoon birthday party you have to invite whole families and you need to feed everyone! Besides the cake which I made (in SIX hours!) all the food was catered by the magnificent people at Mitchel London Foods. It was gorgeous and completely delicious! Chicken fingers like you’ve never tasted, cold burgers (yummier than they sound- I promise!), homemade potato chips, mini caraway seed pretzel bites, veggies, and hummus (for the moms and dads)!

And then there was dessert! Bea’s cake, was inspired by an amazing cake I found on Pinterst (check it out) then you’ll understand why I’m so thankful she agreed that the full rainbow wasn’t necessary. The mini cup cakes and cream puffs came from Mitchel London. So yummy!!

Then of course, we ATE IT!!

We celebrated Bea, loved Openhouse Gallery and danced! Last thing Bea gave everyone little gifts for coming- necklaces from 100% Gumdrop for the ladies and harmonicas and fedoras for the guys!

Bea had a blast and so did all her amazing friends!!

If this party knocked your socks off, call me and your beautiful little dear can have one just like Bea. Or better, designed just for them!

Thank you, Kari Otero for the AMAZING photographs!

Happy Birthday!




  1. Fran

    Gorgeous, Florie! And you don’t have to tell anyone she’s your girl – she looks exactly like you!! xo

  2. hoibit

    Book us for your next 6 affairs.Yours was a blast for the Princess.

  3. Pam

    What an amazing party, you outdid yourself Florie!! And the photographs of the Whirling Dervishes are amazing. xo

  4. JO SKI

    Lucky enough to be a guest at this party…we were transported and dined and welcomed and it’s true that only great, memorable parties are as happy and giddy as the hosts, and the birthday girl, of course! It was a blast!

  5. Florie Huppert

    Thank you!! I can say, it wouldn’t have been a party without you and your gorgeous clan. Thank you of the comments! xoxo

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