February 6, 2012

Custom Wallpaper for Event Decor!

Like me you’re probably thinking that custom wallpaper would be super expensive and unrealistic for event decor! Plus where where would you even start looking for such an item?!

The truth is that technology and printing have finally advanced to a place where we can create exactly what we want for a fair price and it’s super easy to find! My good friend just opened Chief Signs in Port Jeffersonville, NY and as she told me I’m only limited by my imagination! Thank god I have tons of imagination!

Now how does this apply to events you might ask? Because I’m clearly not an interior decorator! Well I can’t stop thinking of all the ways I can apply this idea to the events I’m working on! Think of backdrops for wedding ceremonies? Or decor for pillars in event spaces? I can now transform a room in ways no one has ever seen before, ever! I can take the art of a bat mitzvah girl and use it to decorate a wall! I can use a lifetime of photos to celebrate a couple’s anniversary! Show stopping, event defining decor!!

Martha Stewart is thinking about ways to use wallpaper for event decor but even she isn’t showing examples of custom designed patterns out of photography and all the other many amazing thing you can create with this technology.

These are pictures my friend took with her camera and installed in her office in about 15 minutes! They give you a tiny glimpse into the possiblies! Photographs! Wallpaper made of photographs! My imagination is racing!


Happy Imagining!!




  1. Sarah Lynn

    VERY cool wallpaper! I would love to feel like I was outside in my office.

  2. Florie Huppert

    I’m sure she’s happy to ship!

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