July 26, 2012

Noa’s Saturday Night Candy Party- Part 2

After the important part of the Bat Mitzvah was over, the Torah was put away and the Kiddush was complete it was time for Noa and her friends to get the to the FUN part, the Saturday night party!! Candy trees, teen bar, candy buffet, ribbon stripes, smiles and dancing! This party had everything a kid would want! And then some!

From the moment the guests opened their mailbox and saw the invitation they knew they were being invited to an event that they wouldn’t soon forget- Johanna Skier designed all the graphic design in for the whole event so all the printing was completely coordinated, from the invites to the thank you notes and everything in-between. This invite had many parts, just like this party! The invite card, reply card and information card were all slipped into a pink and white candy bag which was then tied with bakers string

The venue, Helen Mills Theater, has the best facade for posters and really branding an event. This, of course, I love because I love any way to make a party unique and out of the box. I over heard a passer by remark that he sure wished he was Noa- me too!!

Noa’s Bar Mitzvah Event Design

Noa’s Bar Mitzvah Event Design

Once inside each guest was photographed with an instant camera in front of a step n’repeat, these photos were then mounted into a scrapbook and the guests were invited to sign the book. At the end of the night Noa went home with a photograph of every guest and a little note of love and luck.

For decor, I striped the pillars with yards and yards of pink, purple and turquoise grosgrain ribbon, there were 2 huge cherry bloom arrangements covered (and I mean COVERED) with candy and ribbons and every table had candles and little tags.

Allen Dalton Productions came in with all the trimmings of a great Bat Mitzvah, the photo booth, games, dance floor lighting and Freddy the Master of Ceremonies with all the best moves! These kids danced all night long!!

And just when everyone thought they were full of all the happiness they could get we added a fantastic candy buffet with everything a kid could ever want to clinch their sugar high!

I love everything to be coordinated so here are some photos of the party accessaries and details!

And just to put the cherry on top, custom tote bags for as favors! So cute and very useful! I still carry mine everywhere I go!

Thank you to Lauren Faith Photography for the shots!

Happy Sugar High!




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