May 15, 2012

2012 Brotherhood Schools Benefit!

This was my 5th year working on the Brotherhood Schools Spring benefit and like every year, this year was a complete labor of love. I am a parent of the school and a member so it is also a pro-bono gig, which is ok with me because each year I am challenged to do something different and I get to be my own client! I also work on a ridiculously tight budget which only adds to the challenge and fun. I’ve done lots of crazy things over the years, my first year I tented the room with 400 yards of fabric with nothing but a few rolls of duck tape and a 6 foot ladder. I’ve also hung bushels of cherry blossoms from the pillars, dangled 150 glass globes from the ceiling and then there was the year I hung 200 multicolored pom poms from suspended wires attached to the pillars. SO fun!

But this year was different, I want the WOW factor to be redirected. Our theme was the children and I wanted the party to be fresh, recycled, reused and organic. The decor consisted of fresh white and green flowers in different size green glass vases, candles in crystal holders, cork covering the walls and pillars and burlap overlays covering chocolate brown cloths- AND 400 photographs of our children covering the walls. It was about the children, the community and celebrating our unique little school.

The food was all light salads, fresh veggies and organic meats grilled just outside the synagogue doors. We had a signature cocktail of sangria and treats from the Soft Serve Fruit Company. Pride Caterers did a great job, as always!!

It was a magical night and lots of people said it was the best benefit to date- and I agree! Here are some photos for you!

Happy Bidding!



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