March 14, 2014

Book B’nai Mitzvah

Planned for a set of rather quiet twin brothers, this B’nai Mitzvah party was a small, extremely intimate and elegant luncheon at Red Rooster in Harlem. When the twin’s mom and I started talking about plans for the party it became quickly apparent that these kids were not going to enjoy the quintessential dance party and that I was going to need to create something “out of the box” just for them.

Red Rooster in Harlem is not a common place for a Bar Mitzvah- it’s small, intimate, fancy and not-exactly kosher but I knew right away that it was a perfect choice for this family. The location alone added so much swagger to this party that even had it stopped there it would have been memorable!


The guests were chauffeured from the service to the luncheon in a fantastic double decker tour bus that barreled right up Lenox Avenue on this gorgeous Saturday afternoon.


Like all twin these boys each have their own distinctive personalities but they share one big love, books! I went right to work scouring antique store across upstate NY buying hundreds and hundreds of vintage hard cover books- the best finds were a full set of fantastic Sherlock Holmes and a collection Hardy Boys Classics. The decor was so fitting for the kids and the space that you might have thought that it was always in the room.


The table numbers were handmade, painted then sprayed with a nice shine.  I designed them slightly oversized to add a big pop of color and to be a little silly- after all this is a Bar Mitzvah not a 50th Birthday.


The escort cards were hand made from vintaged and slightly yellowing book pages then hand written.


All the printing was custom designed for the boys- the invitations were letter press from Michael Zac Design Group. The info card doubled as a bookmark and the Red Rooster Logo let the guests know they were in for a big treat!



For the entertainment I chose a sultry and groovy jazz band, Svetlana & The Delancey Five. They hit just the perfect note, I knew that these kids weren’t going to care much about the music so we went with a group that would fit perfectly in the space and make the adults very happy. They were so cool they even jumped into the photo booth for a quick break and a coffee!

FelsenthalDecor-83Florie Huppert Design

This party wasn’t just for the adults, the whole side room was dedicated to the kids! Arcade games, a claw machine and a interactive photo booth kept the kids very happy!

FelsenthalDecor-20Florie Huppert Design Florie Huppert Design Florie Huppert Design Florie Huppert Design FelsenthalDecor-90

I love all my parties and all my kids but this party was special – I loved the opportunity to create something very unique and custom designed. I was also very thankful for their parents who trusted the vision and let me do my thing!

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