July 29, 2012

Surprise 50th Birthday Celebration!

I had the BEST time planning this party for two reasons, the host and his fabulous birthday girl! Amy is a wonderful lady who totally deserved a great party and her adoring husband gave me only a few little points of direction then trusted me to make it spectacular! He wanted the party to be elegant, one-of-a-kind, intimate and full of chocolate! DONE!

I’ve said many times that a party starts when your guest opens their mailbox and touches your invitation for the first time- I wanted the invitations to this event to be spectacular and the perfect first introduction to the party. I went straight to Johanna Skier for graphic design vision and custom invitations, we decided on chocolate brown invites with gold printing. What could be more chocolicious fabulousness!?! (A better picture is coming!)

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Next came the venue, I wanted someplace that was intimate and that I could do something over the top to decorate it. When I walked into 91 Horatio I knew immediately that I found just the spot! This space is in the heart of the super trendy Meat Packing District of NYC, has 2 distinctive spaces and the famous The Upper Crust caterers in the kitchen! Perfect!

Next came the decor and flow! With a completely blank canvas I have to admit it took me a little while to lock in my idea. I wanted the party to have parts and movement- the cocktail room, dining room and a dance/club space. The cocktail hour had all the best trimmings- white furniture, a sushi bar with a chef making rolls on the spot and 100 glass balls hanging from the ceiling! It was clean and modern, yet warm and exciting.

When we drew the curtains away from the exposed brick arched door ways to reveal the dining room there was a collective gasp. And I knew it was perfect! For the dining room I hung 12 bushels of leafy beaches from grids on the ceiling then hung 150 glass balls and gold ornaments from the branches. It felt as if the guests were going outside under a branch covered pergola. It was romantic, elegant and spectacular.

For the table decor I wanted to make my life really hard, just kidding. Sorta?! I wanted to do something to designate each place setting and it needed to be more than just some rental runner so I basket weaved 2 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch brown grosgrain ribbon over gold table cloths. Then over the stripes of ribbon I chose a large glass charger so the guests could see the design under their plates, on top was a neatly folded cream napkin with a menu and hand written place cards on brown circles. Then I covered the length of the table with pillar candles in ribbon wrapped square vases of different sizes. Magical!

After dinner came desserts galore! Chocolate fondue, passed treats and of course birthday cake- ALL chocolate!! The cake was baked by Say it with Flour so it wasn’t just pretty, it was yummy too!

And just as the guests were leaving they got one more little treat- Patchi Chocolate favors all wrapped in little cellophane bags with Amy’s brown and gold all over them!

The guests had a blast but most importantly Amy had the most super birthday ever ever ever!

All the photos are courtesy of the gorgeous and amazing, Kari Otero of Mrs. O Photography!

Happy Birthday, Amy!!



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