December 11, 2011

Lime Green Holiday Party!

Recently, Luminations Group, a marketing company in New Jersey hired me to do the full décor for their yearly client appreciation/holiday party. They wanted it to be elegant, celebratory and lime green! They also wanted the room to glow with holiday cheer but not Christmas or glitter. The last request was tons of flowers!

I went directly to the flower district for inspiration. My first stop was Associated Cut Flowers where they sell the most beautiful flowers from all over the world. Associated isn’t for the faint at heart, they’re open from 4am to noon and don’t expect any handholding. It’s a messy place with no frills and the guys aren’t particularly interested in helping you choose the right thing.  But they have the freshest most beautiful collection of cut flowers around and once you get past the hard shell the guys are sweet and occasionally throw in a few extra of this or that!

Next I went to Jamali Garden to look for unique vases and other little touches to take my design to the next level. Jamali is one of my favorite places, it’s a crammed little store on two floors and they carry vases, candles, unique décor, branches, gardening supplies…. Basically anything you would ever need. Flowers are beautiful but remember I needed the room to glow with celebratory cheer! I found lots of ideas and took a ton of pictures of different things!

I filled in the details with trips to everyplace from Walmart where I found great silver sand for the bottom of the vased pillar candles to windycitynovelty.comwhere I found LED candles and even to my own house!

Here are a few pictures of the arrangements that I took with my dopey point and shoot camera. Hopefully the event photographer got some better ones. Fingers crossed! But none the less the client was thrilled, the guests were completely impressed and I loved every second of it! A job well done!

Happy Lime Green!!




  1. jo

    LOVE this . . . event photography coming! xo

  2. Molly

    Ah Florie, it looks awesome! So fun that I got to watch parts of this in the making. (:

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