November 21, 2011

Props for Today

I love places and stores that are packed to the brim with awesome things, treasures and inspiration. Which is why Props for Today is one of my most favorite places on earth.  Located on West 34th Street in Manhattan, this gargantuan two-story rental house holds everything you could ever need to stage a room. From white leather couches to vintage hockey sticks and from antique Persian rugs to paper weights- they have it all! The staff who run the showroom are like urban treasure hunters always buying, organizing and recycling items of every type.

Known primarily as a place to rent décor for movies and TV shows, Props for Today is also an amazing place to find just the right thing for an event! Recently I was doing some research to design a country club style pop-up for my friends at the OpenHouse Gallery and of course this took me straight to my favorite place! What I found was far beyond my wildest dreams.

These are just a few pictures of the treasures I found to create the complete country club! Just looking at these photos makes me think of heavy rock glasses with three fingers of Glenfiddich and the smell of cigars!

Happy Renting!!




  1. Merril Feinstein

    A hearty mazel tov! I wish you success and a whole lot of fun!


    • Florie Huppert

      Thank you!

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