About Florie

Planning parties is in my blood! As far back as anyone can remember, the women in my family have all been remarkable hostesses and exceptional cooks and I am proud to carry on that tradition. After years of working as a pharmaceutical sales rep (yawn!) and planning events in my free time, I finally took the leap, quit my day job and went to work for Susan Bell Special Events. I learned so much from this highly respected and seasoned professional, and my time with her gave me the courage to start a company of my own.

As a born New Yorker, I have always found this beautiful city to be a source of endless inspiration. Every day in my travels around town, I find myself taking pictures of amazing shop windows, interesting displays, and insane outfits- all of which inspire me in one way or another.

I am also always inspired by my three beautiful children, who believe that I founded this company for the sole purpose of throwing them ridiculous and over the top birthday parties! They’re not entirely wrong!

I adore what I do and I am constantly inventing unexpected touches—large and small. I pinch myself every time I remember the amazing luck I have to have a career creating events for people to enjoy and remember.


Florie Huppert